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When you bring a new employee into your business to fill a vacancy, you’re immediately exposed to risk. Your business is exposed, as are your investors, clients, current employees and suppliers.

To operate successfully, you need to minimise that risk.

In 2016 over 72% of all CV’s had some kind of falsified information due to a survey carried out.

It’s not enough to take an application or CV at face value. As a company you must ensure you do a comprehensive background check to put you in the best possible position when you make a hiring decision.

We supply the companies with factual information so they can then make their hiring decision correctly.

Academic Qualifications

10 day turnaround

Academic Qualification Checks

With fictitious academic certificates being so easily manufactured.  

It is insufficient to simply accept qualifications on face value.  Read More:

Credit and Financial

24 hour turnaround

Credit and Financial Checks

We will ensure your employee is financially sound and that they do not have any adverse credit history that wont damage your company. Read More:

Criminal Record Checks

2 – 10 day turnaround

Criminal Record ChecksCriminal record checks allows you to make an educated decision on the suitability of an applicants by using our online system. Read More:

Directorship Checks

24 hour turnaround

Directorship ChecksThey will uncover any potential issues, which could cause your organisation and clients reputation and other damage as well as preventing any potential conflicts of interest. Read More:

Driving Licence (DVLA)

24 hour turnaround

Driving Licence ChecksA strict industry standard check that is required to be done by any organisation that are requiring their employees to drive on company business.  Read More: 

Employment History

2 – 10 day turnaround

Employment HistoryEmployment checks are essential part of any vetting process. Over 70% of CVs in a 2016 survey contained misleading or falsified information. Read More:

Global Sanctions

24 hours turnaround

International ChecksSearches over 300 UK and International regulatory enforcement authorities, sanctions bodies, law enforcement agencies. Read More:

International Vetting

7 – 15 day turnaround

International Background Screening Checks are becoming more frequent as the number of positions being filled by overseas-based applicants continues to increase. Read More:

ID and Right to Work

24 hour turnaround

Trustworthy, Security Screening SpecialistsIt is now quite common for people to obtain counterfeit passports, Driving Licences and right to work documents. A legal obligation for a hiring company to check correctly. Read More:

Media & Social Media

72 hour turnaround

Social Media ChecksOver 12,000 social media screenings are conducted worldwide every day. Most regulated industries require social media checks Read More:


10 day turnaround

Professional Qualification ChecksProfessional qualification checks and membership checks are required for various key positions within any organisation and are adequately carried out. Read More:

Employment Gap Analysis

5 – 10 days turnaround

More than two thirds of all applicants falsify the length of time they spent with any organisation in an attempt to cover for any gaps. Read More: