10 day turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Full professional qualification checks
  • Full membership qualification checks
  • Verbal Confirmation
  • Certification Validation
  • Direct contact with any adverse information



Professional / Membership Checks

Professional qualification checks and membership checks are required for various key positions within any organisation.

Every company needs to ensure that the professional qualification checks and or professional membership checks are adequately carried out to ensure that your applicants are right for the positions and job roles within your organisation.

We will conduct the professional qualifications check and membership checks that your candidate states to verify and qualify that what the applicant states are correct.  

We can qualify all qualifications and memberships globally.

We will include all levels and dates of qualifications by ensuring we do a comprehensive professional qualification check and membership check including expiry dates of the stated memberships.

Because we can verify qualifications and memberships from organisations and institutions worldwide, we minimise the levels of risk you take when hiring a qualified professional.