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What Checks will we perform?

  • Adverse media check: an extensive search of thousands of global media sources, executive and company information databases and archives to ensure that your candidate does not have an adverse media history.
    Social profile search: a social media check is an examination of an individuals social media profile or legacy, with due consideration to the role being applied for.



Media and Social media

Over 12,000 social media screenings are conducted worldwide every day.  Media checks and social media checks are a vital requirement for certain industries as well as for all senior positions across every industry.

Media checks are considered particularly important for regulated industries, for any company who conducts work of a sensitive nature where the job role may involve access to sensitive information or for a job role which is considered high profile for example a senior position within a company.

By conducting thorough media checks and social media checks, you are ensuring that there is no adverse information concerning the applicant that could damage your company and clients’ reputation.

Most regulated industries require social media checks, especially where an applicant could possibly be working in a sensitive area.