2 – 10 working days turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Full International Screening Checks
  • Full verbal international references
  • Full international gap analysis
  • International credit checks
  • International criminal record checks
  • Direct contact with any adverse information



International Checks

International Background Screening Checks are becoming more frequent as the number of positions being filled by overseas-based applicants continues to increase.

Compliance standards for many industries vary from country to country.  Conducting international background screening checks can thus be a very daunting and complex activity with language barriers as well as different country’s legislation on what can and cannot be screened across different jurisdictions.

We have been carrying out these international background checks for many years and have multilingual consultants and a wide listing of international legislation rules to ensure that we handle any international background checks both efficiently and effectively.

One of the main reasons our clients continue to use us is the fact that we can advise them for all their International Background Screening issues, and the fact that we get the international screenings done within the best timescales for our clients.

We do international background screening checks across 80% of the world.  We can tailor your screening compliance checks that to comply with local legislation, and ensure that you and your clients are totally compliant.