2 – 10 working days turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Full employment history checks.
  • Verbal confirmation within 96 hours.
  • Full gap analysis.
  • Written employment references.
  • 96 hour contact on all adverse references.



Employment History & Gap Analysis

Employment history checks are essential when carrying out any staff vetting checks.

Over 70% of CVs contain misleading or falsified information.  Ensuring that you carry out formal employment checks is a must for any potential employer.

Potential employers need to be entirely confident that the applicant hasn’t misled, falsified or elaborated details with regards their previously held positions.

Clients have reported that doing their employment checks in-house is not only very time consuming, but also takes employees away from their core job descriptions, and is not very productive.

Our researches will ensure that you are informed about any gaps in the applicant’s employment, which is also a key part of any screening process as more than two thirds of all applicants falsify the length of time they spent with any organisation in an attempt to cover for any gaps.

With full gap analysis we will ensure that employment gaps are covered by documented evidence