24 hour turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Full Directorship checks.
  • Conflict of Interest checks.
  • Character checks
  • Directorship bans
  • Directorship disqualifications.
  • Direct contact with any adverse information.



Directorship Checks

This is an essential check when employing a new director or other senior grade staff.  You need to ensure that the applicant you are considering will add value to your business, which means that you have to do carry out in-depth checks than standard background checks.

By including these Employment Checks during standard pre-employment screening, we can uncover any potential issues, which could cause your organisation and clients reputation and other damage as well as preventing any potential conflicts of interest.

Ensuring that you carry out these Pre-Employment Screening Checks on your senior hires gives you the assurance that the individual that you are placing, in a senior position within your organisation, is fit and proper for the role.

By asking Candidate Vetting to perform these checks, we will provide information about the character and potential conflicts of interest plus any bans or disqualifications.