24 hour turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • County Court Judgement check
  • Bankruptcy check
  • Debt history check
  • Financial litigation check
  • Personal fraud check
  • Money laundering check
  • FSA check



Financial Checks

We’ll carry out a credit history check in order to uncover any records of bankruptcy, debt history, or financial litigation.

When hiring a new employee to work within your company’s finance or accounts departments, or where your company operates within the finance industry, there may be a legal requirement to complete a Credit Check or Financial Background Check on your employee.

Credit and Financial Checks are essential parts of these screening processes especially if they are working in an area that will give them access to financials.

We will ensure your employee is financially sound and that they do not have any adverse credit history that could damage your company’s reputation.  

Once you have received the Financial Background Check report, you easily determine whether the employee is fit for the role within your company.