10 day turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Full Academic / Education checks.
  • Verbal Confirmation.
  • Confirmation of certificates.
  • Direct contact with any adverse information.



Academic/Education Checks

With fictitious academic certificates being so easily manufactured, it is insufficient to simply accept qualifications on face value.

Ensuring that these checks are done thoroughly is a mandatory requirement.

Our academic verification’s will examine your candidate’s full academic history, ensuring that they are qualified and able to perform the duties you require, reducing the negative impact on your organisation that false academic qualifications can have.

As a company don’t be fooled by false claims.

These checks are the most commonly falsified information criteria provided by potential applicants, so just assuming that they are qualified for the job role isn’t enough.

With our Qualification Checks, you can be assured that the applicants’ qualifications are genuine, giving you total peace of mind.