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Pre Employment Screening on any new employee ensures the risk factor within your company is reduced, if you dont do Pre Employment Screening your business is exposed, as are your investors, clients, current employees and suppliers.

In 2016 over 72% of all CV’s had some kind of falsified information due to a survey carried out.

It’s not enough to take an application or CV at face value. As a company you must ensure you do a comprehensive background check to put you in the best possible position when you make a hiring decision.

We supply the companies with factual information so they can then make their hiring decision correctly.


BS7858 Security Vetting

Security BS7858BS7858 concerns the vetting of persons employed or to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, property or goods is a required by the employing organisation. Read More


BPSS Vetting 

Baseline Personnel Security ScreeningThe Baseline Personnel Security Standard check is the default employee screening standard used for anyone working within or on behalf of a government department. Read More

Finance & Banking

FCA Vetting

The FCA standard, is set out to determine a person’s honesty, integrity and reputation and confirm that they are ‘fit and proper’ for the role they are undertaking. Read More:

Recruitment & RPO

Recruitment Agencies & RPO’s

CareersPoor applicant choices for your client is not only very damaging to your reputation, and places your clients in a situation where criminal or unethical activities can happen. Read More:


CQC Vetting

Care Quality CommissionAll NHS providers (whether NHS organisations or private providers) are legally required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Read More:

Legal and Accountancy

Legal and Accountancy

Legal and AccountancyLegal and Accountancy Industries are both highly regulated industries. Ensure that you operate to the strict regulatory standards and that your firm is totally compliant. Read More:

Airport Airside

Airport Air Side screening is always a challenge.  With the huge terrorist threats that surround all our Airports, it is essential that stringent Air Side Screening checks are adhered to. Read More:

Tenancy Checks

Tenant Check ServiceThere were over 40,000 evictions in England and Wales during 2015. Landlords could have saved themselves time and money with thorough tenant background screening checks. Read More

IT & Telecoms

IT and TelecomsEmploying wrong applicants exposes your company to unethical and illegal activities including intentional data leakage, and internal security breaches of data. Read More: