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Candidate Vetting ValuesCandidate Vetting is highest certified Security Vetting company within the UK that offers a host of Security screening services.

Our pre-employment screening services enable employers to make informed hiring decisions regarding the suitability of potential employees, and offer a FREE Ex-Employee Reference Solution.

Since we started we have rapidly grown into one of the UK’s Premier security vetting organisations, with a vast amount of security screening accreditations, supplying vetting solutions globally as a low cost with extremely high standards and solutions.

We instil complete confidence in our clients and ensure that we work seamlessly alongside organisations with transparency and professionalism.

We utilise market leading technology and solid account management to ensure all screenings are performed in the shortest possible time whilst ensuring complete accuracy, with full account management at your disposal. We are also able to carry out a full range of international checks in most countries and have full translation capabilities.

Our FREE Ex employee Reference Service ensures we are able to offer a second to none overall solution. CV References is a Totally FREE service for companies supplying Ex-Employee references. The solution ensures your team free up their time responding to employment reference requests.

A total online, automated service that is easy to use. The applicant can start their employment faster, and the HR team have no hassle, and can concentrate on their core business. Huge cost savings for all companies supplying employee references, not forgetting massive time saving costs.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the quality and speed of service is second to none.

We adhere to ISO9001 and UKAS policies, processes and procedures.

We have total accountability and are audited on a regular basis by the the National Security Inspectorate on all of our policies and procedures within our security screening.

All of our staff are also British Standard Certified Screeners, and are trained in house on a regular basis to ensure that the service we provide is to the standard and procedures that our clients require.

Speed: A fast turnaround service.

Accuracy: Our state of the art online screening system ensures that all of the information is accurate.

Trustworthy: We are a company that you can trust to Support your screening process.

Innovation: We are always moving forward with technology to be ahead of our competitors.

Respect: We always ensure that we respect our clients, clients brand and the applicants well-being.

Why Use us?

Technology:  One of the principal reasons Candidate Vetting are so successful is the technology used during our screening processes.  Our technology is key to ensuring the expected accuracy of information recorded and efficiency of processes are met to screen the applicants in a timely manner.  Our technical solution allows the applicant to experience a smooth and easy transaction, along with the client being available to see all information in real-time.  All applications are online and easy to use.

Workflow:   We ensure that our work-flow is seamless. We ensure that the client and applicant has the best experience whilst completing their screening.  Clients are able to monitor the progress of the individual’s application via our online portal, giving them confidence throughout the whole screening process.

Management Information: At Candidate Vetting we ensure that our clients receive full management information reports at a click of a button.   We feel that it is extremely important that all MI Reports are accessible to all our clients, so they can have an internal reporting system showing the full progress on all their applicants.

Data Security:  Candidate Vetting holds many accreditations to ensure that we meet industry standard data security.   Our systems are regularly penetration tested, and our backups are on ISO27001 compliant secure servers.   We are continuously ensuring that we test all of our disaster recovery protocols, to ensure that at any time we are able to maintain our commitment to our clients.

Risk Management:  Finding the right applicant to fit within your company is paramount.   The occurrences of hiring an individual who has given false information is becoming more common across all industry sectors.  By screening the applicants first you can minimise the financial and reputation risks.

Total Transparency: We ensure to give the client and applicant total transparency, our system ensures that every check is started within the required time-frame, complete audit trails are recorded at every step of the screening process, which are available for our clients to see on all the final completed screening reports.

International Screening:  Candidate Vetting are able to conduct a wide range of international screening checks with full translations services available.  We are able to ensure that we can overcome language barriers in most countries, to ensure that all international checks are competed in a professional and timely manner.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that we have the right accreditation’s. As with some screening firms that don’t have accreditation’s, we guarantee our clients that our staff, processes and audits are totally compliant with all legislation’s, ISO9001 and UKAS policies and procedures and are totally auditable.

Ensuring that we have the right accreditation’s also gives your clients peace of mind, knowing that the screening company you have chosen is compliant with all screenings that they do.

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