BS7858 Screening Standard

We are the highest accredited and certified security vetting company in the UK. 

This ensures that your security vetting is completed to the exact standard which is why we guarantee 100% pass audit rate on all your screening files.

We provide the fastest and most cost effective Security vetting solution under the British Standard 7858 Screening. Our service is a completely online solution, making screening faster and more secure than ever.

Security BS7858 Screening concerns the vetting and Pre-Employment Screening of persons employed or to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, property or goods is a requirement of the employing organisation.

We screen all your staff to BS7858:2012 standard with ISO 9001 (UKAS) policies and procedures and guarantee 100% pass audit on all your staffs security vetting reports.

This is why we are the company security firms trust to manage their staff security vetting process

UK’S Number ONE Security Vetting Specialist’s

“Expertise, Compliance, Technology, and Certifications – The Candidate Vetting Experience”

The BS7858:2012 Standard is:

  • ID verification, Address verification, right to work checks.
  • Financial background checks
  • Five-year employment history checks
  • Employment gap analysis X 2 personal references
  • Basic Disclosure (Criminal record check if non SIA)
  • SIA Licence Check (if applicable)
  • *10 year employment references upon request*

Our BS7858:2012 Screening Service offering:

  • Provisional certificate issued within 96 hours.
  • Adverse information reported back within 96 hours.
  • Full screening reports completed in a fast professional timescale..
  • Fast, industry compliant, professional screening reports.
  • Global access 24 hours a day with our on-line client screening system.
  • Real time applicant information and updates.
  • Instant contact with any adverse information on applicants.
  • Dedicated Account Manager backed up by fully trained account team.
  • Full Management Information reporting.
  • Full audit trail of the entire BS7858 screening process.
  • Total industry compliance. Peace of mind for you and your clients.

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“96 hours: This is the turnaround time for all our provisional screenings”

Provisional Screening Certificate

As part of our accreditation we complete the provisional screening within 96 hours from when receiving the online application. Under the BS7858 legislation’s is allows your staff to work out on site legally whilst we complete the remainder of the vetting.

You can download the certified Provisional screening certificate under the British Standard and NSI certification within 96 hours.

Completed Screening Report

Once the screening is complete, your account manager will pass the vetting file to our compliance team. Their role is to validate everything is complete and correct. We have this function to comply with our accreditation’s. 

They will then sign off the British Standard 7858 (BS7858)screening report and you then download the completed report from our client screening system.

We guarantee 100% pass audit on all of your security vetting files, giving you peace of mind on all security audits.

Gap analysis

This is an integral part of the BS7858 screening. Any gaps of more than 30 days have to be covered by documented evidence.

The full list of what acceptable documents to cover employment gaps can be found in the support centre. 

Benefits have to covered by a certified benefits letter which is also found on our support centre. If none of the above can be achieved then the applicant can apply for a 5 years HMRC Tax Statement.