Baseline Personnel Security Screening – BPSS

We are the highest accredited and certified security vetting company in the UK with the lowest costs. 

We provide the fastest and most cost effective Security vetting solution under the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). Our service is a completely online solution, making screening faster and more secure than ever.

Our state of the art online screening system, enables us to complete the screening in a professional, fast timely manner, and ensure that the applicant has the best vetting experience possible.

We screen all your staff to Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)  with ISO 9001 (UKAS) policies and procedures and guarantee 100% pass audit on all your staffs security vetting reports.


“Expertise, Compliance, Technology, and Certifications – The Candidate Vetting Experience”

The BPSS Standard is:

  • ID verification and validation
  • Address verification and validation
  • Right to work checks.
  • Three-year employment history checks
  • Employment gap analysis and validation
  • Basic Disclosure Scotland (Criminal record check)

Our BPSS Service:

  • Provisional Screening within 96 hours.
  • Adverse information reported within 96 hours.
  • Full reports completed 10 working days.
  • BPSS Standard vetting.
  • Fast, industry compliant, professional reports.
  • Global access 24 hours a day online.
  • Real time applicant information and updates.
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Team.
  • Multilingual researchers.
  • Full Management Information reporting.
  • Full audit trail of entire screening process.
  • Total industry compliance. 
  • Peace of mind for you and your clients.
  • 100% audit pass on all screening files

“7 Days: This is the average turnaround time for all our BPSS completed screenings”

Government and Public Sector BPSS screening checks, which is called Baseline Personnel Security Screening.

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard is a background screening check set out by the government that has been in place since 2009.

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard Check (BPSS) is the default employee screening standard used for anyone working within or on behalf of a government department.

Baseline Personnel Security Standard or BPSS checks are recognised as standard screening for individuals who may work in proximity to confidential data and assets and are typically undertaken to verify civil servants, armed forces, government staff and contractors and other third party suppliers to public bodies.

basic entry-level standard that organisations in several sectors, including communications, energy and finance are expected to meet.  It’s a requirement for civil servants, the armed forces and government contractors. It’s also required before applying for NSV security clearance.

This standard has since been adapted by many companies seeking a basic level of pre-employment screening where there are no specific industry compliance requirements.


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