Why use our services?

CV 24 Applicant System.  You will have access 24 hours a day globally to our state of the art applicant screening system.  The applicant screening portal allows you to view all your applicant screenings in real-time.

As long as you have access to the internet, you can log into your applicant portal from a mobile phone, iPad, Laptop or PC.  This fantastic function allows International screening globally, and allows your organisation absolute total control on your pre-employment and employee background checks.

The system is developed to enhance both the Client and Candidate experiences, allowing fast, professional, compliance screening checks, with a hassle free factor.

Having this capability ensures that your organisation never has any down time.

The burning questions most companies have is “why should I screen my applicant?”
Why Screen Applicants: Within many industry sectors, Pre-Employment Screening is a standard that is dictated by law, and a good practice to ensure that your organisation meets your industry compliance standards.

The costs of having an applicant Background Checked is minimal when compared to considerable charges incurred when firing an unsuitable applicant. These high charges together the potential damage to your company’s reputation coupled with the further cost of hiring a replacement means the decision to carry out thorough Background Screenings is an easy one.

Whatever the reason for your decision to add Pre-Employment and Background Screening Checks, we can ensure a fast and accurate service.
Applicants that are not suitable or have adverse information can be weeded out from any recruitment drive saving you time and money.

You can also give peace of mind to your clients that all of your employees are screened to the highest standard or within your industry compliance standard.

One of the main reasons clients use our services is that we listen to the requirements you need. We are able to tailor any form of Pre-Employment Screening package that suits your organisation’s needs and help you to meet your industry compliance requirements, decrease risks and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Your Account Manager will work closely with you to identify and guide you to select exactly what compliance checks you need or require. We are a listening organisation and become an extension of your organisation, guaranteeing reduced risk of employing the wrong applicant and ensuring total compliance within your industry sector.

We give your organisation complete confidence that all your staff are screened to the level you require, which in turn will give your clients complete confidence in your organisation and staff.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer focus and service.  Because we are a listening company, we enjoy an almost total client retention rate.  Over the years less than 5% of our clients have left; this is principally down to our client focus.

Although you have a dedicated Account Manager, you can always speak with someone within your account screening team if the Account Manager is busy.

This ensures that the you the client is always happy and ensures no down time on the screening process of your applicants.

In some cases we have worked closely with our clients on tenders, working in the background supporting them on the screening and compliance aspects of any tender that they may have.

We will always be there for our clients whatever their needs may be.  To support them through their whole screening and compliance and hiring functions.  To supply a friendly, professional, fast and cost effective solution for hiring the right applicants.

Our state of the art CV online screening system is tailor-made for our client’s needs. It ensures that it is user friendly as well as time and cost efficient to screen your applicants.

Our recruitment screening software is tailor-made to collect employment verification, candidate vetting and pre-employment screening information at source, via an online form completed by your candidates.

Our easy to follow on-screen instructions enable the applicant to collate all of their employment and education references and background check information needed for pre-employment screening.

The information is stored locally before synchronisation with the screening and compliance software, for processing by your account management screening team.

Our online screening system enables a one-time-entry system by taking information directly from the candidate to populate all the information needed to screen the applicant within a hassle free solution.

One of the main positive comments from our clients is that we ensure you have a dedicated Account Manager who fully understands your business and compliance regulations.

Our Account Managers are the focal point for your company or organisation, and they can be contacted whenever you need assistance.

The Account Manager will be the extension of your organisation and they run their account team and researchers for your account.

Having this in place puts your mind at ease that not only do they have years of experience within employment screening and compliance but also account management.

This enables the process of screening your applicants to be seamless along with having the backing of your account manager screening team.

International Screening Capability

International Pre-Employment Background Screening is on the rise and is becoming ever more critical to organisations as borders open up and the battle to hire the best talent intensifies globally.

We have been supplying our clients with International Background Screening Checks for many years, we have compiled over the years up to 51 different countries legislation’s on what you can and cannot screen within certain countries.

This ensures that any delays for screening and compliance checks for our clients is removed or kept to an absolute minimum.

With International Background Screening Checks there are a couple of key areas that you must first consider as each country has its own legislation rules,

however do not be alarmed as we fully understand these key areas:

  • International consent of applicant information
  • International criminal record checks
  • International credit checks
  • International employment references and verification
  • International education checks

Screening internationally has a number of challenges with differing policies and procedures from country to country and also language barriers.  We fully understand cultures and country employment laws to support our clients.

We are extremely proud of Our Multi Language Capability, we have researchers with a wide language capability.

Whilst it is extremely difficult to cover every languages, we can certainly cover most languages and will make special arrangements for the less commonly spoken languages.  In most cases you can get around the language barriers, however having a Multi lingual Team with these skills does ensure that international screening processes are not unnecessarily slowed down.

Client Experience:

We ensure that the client receives the best possible service during the screening of their applicants. Our ethos is to ensure we listen to our client’s needs and deliver exactly what they are looking for in a screening company.

We guarantee that we give full client satisfaction from:

  • Direct Account Management
  • Full online capability
  • Technology compatible
  • Full MI reports
  • Speed and accuracy in all screenings
  • Full detailed reports with competitive pricing
  • Regulated standards updates
  • Complete real-time information
  • Complete online access
  • Full client satisfaction
  • Bespoke screenings

Candidate Experience:

To ensure screenings are completed effectively and efficiently, our consultants build a solid relationship with all applicants, we ensure candidates have a seamless and enjoyable screening experience from:

  • Single point of contact with the screening consultant
  • Assurance of data protection and data security
  • Hassle free
  • Online Applications
  • Real time amendments online
  • Enjoyable screening experience
  • Complete online application

By including Pre-Employment Screenings and Employee Background Checks as part of your organisation’s standard policies and procedures not only protects your organisation, but also gives your clients’ peace of mind that all of your staff are fully compliance checked.

Even if your industry sector has no any specific compliance requirements, implementing your own Pre-Employment regulations protects your organisation against theft, fraud and other reputation risks.

Some of the advantages of screening your staff and potential applicants:

  • Protects the integrity and reputation of your organisation
  • Reduces costs of re-hiring replacement staff
  • Ensures due diligence within your company.
  • Safeguard your workplace
  • Allows you to make hiring decisions based on factual information
  • And much more

Applicant tracking 24/7 is a major factor why clients prefer working with Candidate Vetting.

No matter if you are on a train or in your office anywhere in the world, you can log into your applicant tracker and see in real-time the applicant’s progress and reports.

This ensures that the hiring decision is never slowed down.  Identifying the right candidate is always difficult, so having the details and results of your applicant’s screening at a click of a button enables you to make a hiring offer straight away.

This also guarantees no slowdown in the screening process.

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