24 hour turnaround

What Checks will we perform?

  • Identity checks:  We will verify and validate the applicants’ passports, photo ID, driving licences etc, through our state of the art screening system.
  • Address verification checks:  We will verify and validate the bank statements, credit card statements, household bills etc, via our online screening system.
  • Right to work checks:  We will verify and validate the right to work documents through our state of the art screening system.



ID Documents

Identity Fraud is becoming far more common.  It is a legal obligation for a hiring company to ensure that they have not only seen original Proof of ID, Proof of Address and right to work documentation, but they also have to verify and validate the specific documents.

It is now quite common for people to obtain counterfeit passports, Driving Licences and right to work documents.  So using an organisation such as Candidate Vetting ensures that you are compliant with the full validity of your ID and Documents Checks.

Right to Work Checks are a legal obligation for any employer, which assures that the potential applicant has the right to work within the EU.

Manual checks, which employers normally use, are no longer a sufficient method for verifying and validating right to work documents. By using Candidate Vetting and the technical solutions that we offer, we can ensure that you are totally compliant with the verification and validation of all Right to Work documents.

This guarantees that you never employ an illegal worker, ensuring that you are compliant, but also keeps your organisations’ reputation intact.