Employee Drug Testing

Employee Drug Testing (7 working days turnaround) is used by employers to detect drug use by employees or job candidates.  It can identify recent use of alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs as a screening tool for potential health and safety and performance issues.

We can offer a cost effective, confidential and discreet Drug Testing facility for your Employee or potential employees.

The Drug Testing that we do on your employees enables us to analyse of hair provides a much longer window of detection, typically 1 to 3 months.  Hence the likelihood of a falsely negative test using hair is very much less than with a urine test.  Conversely, a negative hair test is a substantially stronger indicator of a non-drug user than a negative urine test.

We have partnered with one of the top laboratories in the UK, who are accredited to UKAS testing 7484.  Our turnaround time is now 1-4 days with over 90% of hair sample reports provided on the day following receipt of the sample.  There is no other drug testing service that can provide this speed of service as a standard.

‘Return to laboratory’ sample kit and ‘special delivery’ dispatch to lab.

  • ‘Legally defensible’ confirmed results.
  • Computer generated random selection of employees for testing (if required).
  • For hair testing, choice of 1 month, 2 month or 3 month testing window (except where body hair needs to be used.  Testing window is approx 90 days + 30 days for each centimeter in length.  Unlike head hair samples, shortening body hair samples does not reduce the analysis period)
  • 48 hour turn-round from receipt of the sample.
  • Individually named ‘Certificate of Analysis’ for each donor.
  • Direct access to our toxicologist’s should you require any further explanation.

Drugs for which are regularly tested:

  1. Amphetamine
  2. Methamphetamines (including MDMA & MDEA)
  3. Benzodiazepines
  4. Cannabinoids
  5. Cocaine
  6. Opiates
  7. Mephedrone

Reporting of results

  • Our Drug Testing Reports will include the unique Chain of Custody barcoded sample number, the specific substance(s) and substance grouping, together with the substance level detected.
  • Results are reported “Detected” if it is equal or greater than the confirmation cut-off level for the drug or metabolite to be investigated.  “Not detected”, indicates that the particular drug or drug group has not been detected at a level above the applied cut-off of the test.
  • Clearly marked ‘IN CONFIDENCE’, the reports will be e-mailed to the nominated client manager.  The reports will include the donor’s name, unique barcoded Chain of Custody sample number, the specific substance(s) and substance grouping, together with the substance level detected.

All Drugs Testing must have the express written consent from the applicant prior to conducting these checks.