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Why it may be important to Screen your Existing Employees:

When businesses consider vetting services it is usually to screen potential employees as part of a pre-employment background check.  However, there are also very valid reasons for screening your existing employees as we are about to explore.

The main reason for using employment screening is to corroborate personal data and identity.  It is very useful to have this information when hiring new members of staff as you can verify that the individual is who they claim to be and also that they have the right skills and experience to complement your organisation.

The requirement for this verification and peace of mind doesn’t stop once you have recruited someone on a permanent basis.  Some organisations will hire employee vetting services to periodically screen their employees to help manage risk within the company.

Promotion, for instance, is the perfect example of a time when employee screening can be adopted.  If an existing employee will be taking on a higher paid role, with new expertise and experience required, the organisation may wish to verify this data to confirm that the individual has the skills required to perform this new role efficiently.  The background checks performed on the individual at the point of hiring may not be sufficient to address the criteria associated with the new position and so the most sensible option is to carry out the screening process again just to ensure that everything is as it should be.

When employees take on new responsibilities, either as part of their existing role or when being promoted to a new role, the company will have new expectations of them.  If certain qualifications or professional memberships are required for this role, screening the employee will confirm that certifications are in place and that memberships have not lapsed.

Just because an employee has been initially cleared for employment, does not mean they will not pose a risk to the business at some point in the future and that is why ongoing screening of existing employees is so important.

Employers need to ensure that their employees meet the required standards of the job and that they do not pose a threat, not just to others but also to themselves.  Employee screening can help to eliminate this risk and bring peace of mind to business owners and managers in terms of their legal and financial position as well as their reputation.

It goes without saying that employers need to communicate their intentions to employees if they wish them to get on board with the process and also that they alleviate any concerns about confidentiality by explaining who will have access to screening checks and where the information will be stored.

To find out more about the benefits of screening your existing employees call us and we will chat over the different screening services that would suit your business.