Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Process Outsourcing organisations (RPOs) are under intense scrutiny to perform the right background and pre-employment screening checks on all their potential applicants.

Making poor applicant choices for your client is not only very damaging to your reputation, but also places your clients in a situation where criminal or unethical activities can happen.

Recruitment Agencies and RPO’s offer employers the opportunity to free up their valuable time and resources by taking on part or all of an organisation’s hiring activity.  For the staffing agency, delivering the best and most reliable talent is a mission critical part of their business, but in-house vetting procedures are not always sufficient – and the cost of a bad hire can be crippling to both the client and agency alike.

We work closely with many recruitment agencies to best fit in with their clients’ requirements.  In essence, we become an extension of your recruitment agency by handling your background and pre-employment screening checks.  We also appreciate the tight deadlines that recruitment agencies need to work to and can easily scale up on any large projects with 48 hours’ notice.

What we offer is:

  1. Total online ability.
  2. Fast turnaround on all screenings.
  3. Bespoke screening solutions.
  4. Hassle free for the candidate.
  5. Complete MI reports
  6. Total account management.
  7. low cost screenings.
  8. Client branded reports.

 Our pricing structure is highly competitive, call us to discuss 0333 3326200

Our Recruitment Agency and RPO Screening Service offering:

  • Provisional Screening completed within 96 hours.
  • Adverse information reported back within 96 hours.
  • Full screening reports completed within 10 working days.
  • Screening packages to suit your company and industry needs.
  • Fast, industry compliant, professional screening reports.
  • Global access 24 hours a day with our online client screening system.
  • Real time applicant information and updates.
  • Instant contact with any adverse information on applicants.
  • Dedicated Account Manager backed up by fully trained account team.
  • Multilingual researchers for international screenings.
  • Full Management Information reporting.
  • Full audit trail of the entire Recruitment agency and RPO screening process.
  • Total industry compliance. Peace of mind for you and your clients.