What potential checks should you be carrying out

  • ID verification, Address verification, right to work checks.
  • Financial Background Checks
  • Employment History
  • Criminal record Checks

Our Solutions:

  • Provisional Screening within 96 hours.
  • Adverse information reported within 96 hours.
  • Full reports completed 10 working days.
  • Screening packages to suit.
  • Fast, industry compliant, professional reports.
  • Global access 24 hours a day online.
  • Real time applicant information and updates.
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Team.
  • Multilingual researchers.
  • Full Management Information reporting.
  • Full audit trail of entire screening process.
  • Total industry compliance. 
  • Peace of mind for you and your clients.

Facilities Management Vetting

The facilities management sector employs around one in 10 of the UK’s working population, providing services that range from security, cleaning, building and engineering maintenance through to asset management solutions. It is estimated to be worth £111bn a year to the UK’s economy.

How much is employee vetting going to cost? It is hard to put a price on safety.

The more robust the background check performed the higher the cost. But remember that the new individual is going to be in contact with your other employees, your products and your customers. For a business, risk prevention is going to be cheaper than damage limitation.

Someone may have been a fine upstanding citizen five years ago but in the time they have worked for a company they may have suffered stresses in life that have resulted in a brush with the law. Without randomly updating background checks a company may not be aware of any legal issues since the start of employment.

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