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Contract management employment on-boarding is  now service their clients with the full employment on-boarding. We supply the technical service for not only the applicant Pre Employment Screening, but can supply the digital Employment contracts and Healthcare Questionnaires totally online through our specific system with full electronic signatures, electronic audit trails.

This ensures that the client knows fully that the on-boarding of their applicants are totally regulated and confirmed.

Contract management

 On-boarding is a service that assists alongside our Pre Employment Screening Service.
This allows our clients total peace of mind that we can process the full applicant on-boarding from Employment contracts, Pre Employment Screening and Healthcare Employment Questionnaires. This ensures that every aspect of the employment is covered prior to them starting. Our clients use this service so Candidate Vetting take control of the total employment on-boarding management, saving them time and money.
Our digital contract management service for Permanent, Temporary, Contract hires and Healthcare Questionnaires uses state-of-the-art technology for a fast, hassle free and seamless online process, including legally-binding electronic signature system processes.
We have fully trained consultants that are on hand to negotiate and liaise with the applicant every step of the way to their new career with your company.
Using our expertise combined with the latest technology it ensures a hassle free enjoyable applicant experience.

Contractor and Temporary Hires

We provide our client’s with full consultation to ensure that the appropriate contracts are in place between the applicant and the hiring company or agency.

These contracts reflect the nature of the engagement and are in line with regulatory guidelines such as Employment Agencies Act,  Agency Worker Regulations etc.

We ensure Contract and Temporary hires are legally contractually bound by a code of conduct as detailed in their contract.

Pre Placement Healthcare Questionnaire’s

The purpose of a pre-placement Healthcare Questionnaires is to ensure that candidates are fit for the job requirements and to assess any pre-existing health conditions in relation to their impact on the job or the impact of the job upon their health condition.

This ensures that the employer can make reasonable adjustments to the method of working or add in a particular facilities.

The Equality Act 2010 came into force in October 2010 and places some limits on the questions an employer can ask about health or disability during the recruitment process.

The level of need for personal health information and the level of health assessment will be determined by the functions of the job role.

Please contact a member of the sales team to discuss this further on 0333 3326200