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British Standard 7858 Screening Code of Practice Changes

Over the past 12 years there has been many changes in the area of Vetting and Screening with compliance legislation being introduced to make sure the standards are maintained.

In this article we’ll look at BS7858:2012 – the standard for vetting of people employed in the Fire and Security sector.

April 2013, British Standard 7858:2006 was stopped and replaced with British Standard 7858:2012 ‘Security screening of staff employed in a Fire and Security environment – Code of Practice’. The new standard replaced the former code with an updated view of how security employees should be vetted.

Updating this standard was seen as a really good thing in the Fire and Security industry however companies still face a massive challenge to not only vet their staff to the correct standard, but provisionally screen their applicants in a fast and compliant manner. Candidate Vetting ensure that your staff are screened to the BS 7858 standard correctly but also supply a certified provisional screening certificate certified within the NSI and SSAIB standards within 96 hrs of receipt of an applicant. This ensures that your staff are able to work out on site completely legal within hours of starting.

The requirements of BS7858 include;

  • 5 years of employment verification
  • 6 year credit search
  • Proof of ID, Verified and validated
  • Proof of address, verified and validated
  • UK right to work checks
  • X 2  character references
  • Criminal Checks
  • SIA Licence verification and validation (If required)
  • Gap analysis and confirmation

Having a single screening standard across the whole of the UK is a massive move forward as it means that Fire and Security staff are fully compliant checked under one high standard checked and employers can have assurance that the people working for them and their clients are fully compliant and trustworthy.


With Gaps in the employment the standard actually requires documentary evidence such as utility bills, bank statements and correspondence including 1 character reference covering the gap in the employment.

It is essential that security staff are fully screened.

Staff vetting is a complex admin issue to find and collate all of the information needed and vet your staff correctly. The problem for the smaller companies is they dont have the facilities and time to perform checks such as Credit checks and criminality checks.

Vetting of your staff is not a simple process, especially for the smaller companies that dont have HR functions. Outsourcing your Security screening to a company such as candidate Vetting ensures that your staff are legally compliant, but guarantees 100% pass audit on all of your external audits such as NSI and SSAIB.

Candidate Vetting are certified with the National security Inspectorate and the SSAIB, along with being members of the BSI.

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